4 Steps To Fast and Easy Sales Letters, Part 2

In the previous blog post we looked at the first step to some “speed copywriting secrets” that will help you get a converting sales page in a fraction of the time without costing an arm and a leg doing it; that step was to create a killer offer.

This time we’ll look at 3 more steps anyone can do to improve conversions.

Step 2. The Swipe File: Legal Theft

Every successful copywriter has what is called a “swipe file”.

A swipe file is a personal collection of examples of sales material (copy sales letter, headlines, bullet points, etc.) that have proven successful. This collection can be from Web sites, magazines, newspapers, AdWords ads or where ever you get it from.

I don’t think anyone has done any research but I’d bet that there is a direct relationship between the quality of a person’s swipe file and the success of their sales copy.

So, if you haven’t, start collecting examples of SUCCESSFUL marketing pieces you find then before you start to create and sales material go through your swipe file and find something like what you need and use that as the basis for what you will be creating.

Before moving on to the next step I want to make 2 points.

First, a great swipe file comes from any media source and any niche or topic.

Good sales copy is good sales copy and if you find a good sales letter about horseshoes or a good ad about dung beetles SAVE THEM even if your niche is chronic fatigue syndrome.

Swipe from anyone, anywhere.

The second point is, DO NOT steal word for word. A swipe file is to meant to provide ideas and a foundation for your sales material to jumpstart your sales copy but you should not just take it and use it as your own; not only is it unethical but it is potentially illegal.

For example, a successful headline was “Lose Weight on a Full Stomach”, you could use that to create any number of headlines, a few off the top of my head are:

  • “Save Your House without Emptying Your Wallet and Losing Your Family”
  • “Fill Your Bank Account While Playing with Your Kids”
  • “Stop Your Dog Barking Without Terrorizing Him”

Ugh, those aren’t very good, pretty bad actually, but they do illustrate the point.

With a swipe file you need to understand the essence of what makes it successful and base your sales copy on that.

In this case, the essence is how to get something highly desirable while not having to do something that you don’t want to do; not having to exchanging one bad thing for another, that is, not having to pick the “lesser of the evils.”

If you have no swipe file, start by going to http://www.HardToFindAds.com this should help you be always be on the lookout for sales copy that evokes emotion in your, then “swipe” it.

3. Split Test

Yes, yes, I am harping on this again.

But a simple step you need to do to get better converting sales copy is to continuously test.

Have 2 or 3 headlines, have different offer, use different testimonials, try different background colors, whatever – JUST TEST!

It’s simple just use Google’s Website Optimizer and start testing. Keep the winner of each test and test again.

4. Act

I don’t know how much time is wasted by sitting around and not acting.

If it is creating sales material then don’t wait, just start creating your sales copy.

Don’t edit, just create. You can always edit later but don’t stop your creative flow.

If it is split testing, don’t put it off. “Just Do It”

Create 2 headlines to test and test. Add or remove a bonus and test. Change the price, change the guarantee, change something and test.

If something is not going to work find out quickly and move on; fail fast.


To get the best sales copy your best bet is to hire a successful copywriter; there is not better option.

No question that you will sell/convert a lot more if you have a Dan Kennedy or Ray Edwards or Michel Fortin or Mike Morgan or any of the other successful copywriter creating your sales material.

This isn’t an option for most people and if you need to create or tweak sales copy then the steps we look at here are a way to improve your conversions quickly and easily without much cost.

So be sure to:

  • Create a Killer Offer: Be focused, sell solutions, use value builders, have a knockout bonus package and an outrageous guarantee
  • Have a Swipe File to Die For: Start all your sales copy with an existing (and proven) example and modify it to your needs; this alone will save you loads of time and improve conversions
  • Split Test: Ruthlessly split test your sales copy, continuously improving it; you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes
  • Act: Don’t spend your time waiting and thinking and planning. Those all have their place but it is so easy to get sucked into them. Don’t be perfect, fail fast and get better.

Following those steps won’t make you as successful as Dan Kennedy (at least at first 🙂 but it will make you more successful than you currently are, probably much more successful, without a lot of time and effort and cost.

Do you have a swipe file? What are some of your best swipe?

Do you split test? What are some of your successes and what are some of your surprises?

Leave a comment and let me know; thanks.

Talk soon,

David Husnian
The Shameless (Ethical) Marketer

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