Copy Cosmetics, the Fun Way to Big Profits

Copy Cosmetic Arrows

Copy Cosmetic Arrows

In the previous parts of this series on copy cosmetics we looked at the what, why and how of copy cosmetics and at some great fonts to use for your copy cosmetics.

In this part, we’ll continue looking at copy cosmetics my digging deeper into specific types of cosmetics with some examples and there may even some be some samples for you to download 🙂

First a quick review…

Since copy cosmetics are, to quote myself, “graphical elements that are used to transform plain ad copy into powerful marketing material that engage prospects; basically they are anything that isn’t plain text.” they cover a lot of ground.

Most people use basic things like pictures and bold and underlined text but there is great power in all the other types of cosmetics also: hand drawn words and symbols, highlighting, etc.

Some of the best reasons to use copy cosmetics are:

  • To make your pages and marketing material easier and more pleasant to read; to grab the reader’s attention
  • To add personality
  • To highlight important points particularly to skim readers who use a different reading path
  • To improve the responsiveness of your readers.

Some people ask where they should use copy cosmetics and my answer is where shouldn’t you use copy cosmetics. At this moment, I really can’t think of a place where you couldn’t use copy cosmetics although there are situations where they are more or are less important.

Let’s now look at some depth in particular copy cosmetics…

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Copy Cosmetics, the Secret to Improved Conversions

Improve Conversions with Copy Cosmetics

Improve Conversions with Copy Cosmetics

There are numerous articles, blog posts and books about how to improve conversions of your sales and opt-in pages.

They talk about the headline, the offer, entering the conversation in the prospects head, the P.S. and all kinds of stuff that is very important but one thing very few people talk about is copy cosmetics.

Michel Fortin talks about it a little in his article “What Copy Cosmetics Communicate“.

Dan Kennedy talks about it in his “Ultimate Sales Letter” and in April 1998 he wrote in his newsletter that “Cosmetics Matter!”

Mike Capuzzi, of course, talks about it on his blog.

And you can find a bit here and there but for as important as it is, particularly nowadays, there’s really a lack of information on what copy cosmetics are, how they can be used, and how much they improve conversions.

So, I’m going to go help rectify that with some blog posts of my own on copy cosmetics.

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