The Ultimate Way to Get People to Buy Things They Don’t Even Know They Want

What is the one thing that Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and all the great copywriters agree is the single most important thing in a sales letter to make sure your prospects do what you want them to do?

What is the one thing you must split test if you can one split test one thing?

The answer is easy when you think about it, but only a fraction of people I ask this get it right.

What is your guess?

  1. An eye-catching, curiosity building headline that pulls your prospects right in
  2. A compelling, interesting story that gets your prospects to say, “that’s me!”
  3. Making your prospects ABSOLUTELY SURE your product works quickly and easily with truckloads of glowing testimonials
  4. Having so many benefit bullets that they’d feel foolish if they didn’t do what you asked
  5. Including a rock-solid, almost unbelievable guarantee
  6. Having an offer they “can’t refuse”
  7. Nailing the P.S. so they must go back and look at see what you say
  8. None of the Above

Got your answer?

If you’re not sure look at each one and say to yourself “if everything else was bad but this was spectacular then I’d want to do what they ask (buy the product, etc.)

This is so powerful that it makes people buy things they don’t even know they want!

While obvious after thought it may not be what you think.

Got your answer ready?

Theone thing, the most important thing in a sales letter to get people to take action is:

F. The Offer

Yes, the offer.

While all of the choices (except H!) are very important, the offer is most important.

Interestingly, the most popular answer from people is the headline.

They justify this by saying “if you have a bad headline people might not read your sales copy and see your “killer” offer.”

While that may be true, nobody takes action because of the headline.

That isn’t even the purpose of the headline and if you try to “sell” in the headline you’re going to fail.

Why is the Offer So Important?

This answer is simple also.

It is what the prospect actually gets, what provides the benefits, and that is the bottom line.

Wouldn’t you rather have a stinky old salesmen, in a bad, slept in suit, who rambles on forever but can’t hardly even explain what he’s got but who hands you the keys to a $250,000 Porsche over a fine looking, fine smelling, Armani suit wearing, Harvard Ph.D. who has a golden tongue who hands you a toy car worth $1.29.

Sure you would, because, while the second guy might be more pleasant to deal with, what you end up with in the end is worth the stinky old guy.

And that, my friends, is the essence of the offer and why the great copywriters known that if there is one thing you can’t afford to get wrong it is the offer.

If you’re having trouble turning prospects into customers the first place to look is at your offer.

Now, you might say, “the offer is great” and it might be, but it isn’t great to your prospects; so either fix the offer or get new prospects.

An exaggerated example is, if you open a Tiffany’s with the absolute finest in jewelry and you are selling it for half what anyone else in the world is selling it for but you are located in the poorest region of Bangladesh then you aren’t going to get a lot of buyers (a lot of thieves, yes, but not a lot of buyers!)

How to Make a “To Die For” Offer?

Easy answer, exceed expectations.

No, that’s not even right, extravagantly exceed expectations.

To do that you need to understand the general expectations of your prospects otherwise how can your exceed them.

To do that you need to, as Dan Kennedy says, “Get ‘Into’ the Offer”.

Whatever cliché you want to use: “walk a mile in his shoes” or “climb into his head” or whatever, you need to understand the motivations and expectations from the prospects point of view.

That probably means using the product or service yourself, and it certainly means talking to true prospects.

It may even mean going to the places they go to, eating the things they eat, entertaining yourself at the places and in the ways they do, depending upon the situation and the action desired.

Then you take those expectations and give at least 10 times more although 100 times is better.

A quick way I like to do this it to make a little chart like this one:

Meet Expectations Exceed Expectations Blow Them Away

In the first column, I write what the general expectations are of the prospects. That is, what they usually will receive (maybe from competitors) in the situation.

In the second column, I then add what would be considered to be things that people wouldn’t normally expect.

In the third column, I write what would be so unexpected that people look at the offer in a completely different way.

This works for everyone in every industry and niche and helps you to craft a truly extraordinary offer.

An Example of a Great Offer

To show you what I mean, let me use an offer I created in the last couple of weeks as part of a promotion for Mike Filsaime’s The 7 Figure Code; he is giving away his $1,297 premier home study course and some bonuses for just a shipping and handling fee.

Given the nature of what Mike is providing particularly to affiliates, general expectations are that people will promote with an affiliate link and, in fact, that is what most people did.

It might even be within current expectations that affiliates would provide a little something extra, maybe one or two of their products, something like that (although very few are doing that in this situation).

To exceed expectations, you might add some things like paying the $15.99 shipping cost for the prospects and/or adding those products, maybe throwing in a tele-seminar about how to best get value from Mike product.

I wanted to do more so I decided to pay the $15.99 shipping so the product was really free.

I decided to add some products that were specifically chosen to provide more depth in the areas critical for being successful using The 7 Figure Code.

I decided to provide more than just 1or 2 products because there are more than 1 or 2 critical areas.

I then decided to provide various rights to the products so people could actually earn more money by selling them (this would be particularly important to people who are newer and don’t have a lot of products and services they sell).

I then said to myself, “times are tough and people might need some extra money, if only to pay for some of the cost of having an online business and many people did not get the invite to be part of the promotion and maybe they’d have liked the opportunity.”

Yeah, I talk a lot to myself 🙂

So I thought about what I could do and I came up with a way to provide people with just those things.

I let people sign up with me (like a sort of affiliate) and promote the products themselves.

I provide them with a special, personalized link which they can use and for everyone they send through there link and who get Mike’s course and bonuses will get $5.

So the offer wildly exceeding anything anyone would expect; you can check it out here.

They get:

  1. Mike Filsaime’s $1,297 home study course, The 7 Figure Code
  2. Mike’s 2 bonuses
  3. A refund of $15.99 to cover the shipping and handling fee
  4. A number of additional product that strongly complement and support The 7 Figure Code giving them additional value by helping them succeed more quickly and easily
  5. Rights to the product so they can sell them and get more money (hopefully using the things they learning in The 7 Figure Code!)
  6. A way to earn additional money by promoting for product for themselves

A lot more than your expectations, right? Certainly a lot more than anyone else is doing!


The most important thing about getting more sales is the offer.

Everything else is important but the one thing that makes people actually act is they offer.

Have everything else wrong but have a fantastic offer and you will make sales, maybe a lot of sales.

Having a bad offer but great sales copy will get you few sales.

To craft a powerful, compelling offer you need to do more than exceed expectations, you need to create an offer that so far exceeds expectations that even people who aren’t that interested perk up.

Provide value 10 or 100 times what is expected and you’ll land the hook and you’ll sleep very well at night because you are doing the opposite of taking advantage of people you are giving them so much their lives are enhanced in the process.

Check out my offer for The 7 Figure Code for a good example of this.

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What’s the best offer you’ve seen?

What’s the best offer you’ve done?

How could you change your offers to be extraordinary?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,

David Husnian

The Shameless (Ethical) Marketer

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