Confession is Good for the Soul and the Wallet: Selling More by Confessing

One of the key ways to improve your conversions is to make sure your sales copy builds trust one step at a time.

There are many ways to do that, as I and many others have talked about in the past.

There is one particular way though that people some people overlook and that many are afraid to use.

That’s a shame because it can make a big difference in your conversion rates.

This fear stems from the belief that bad things can have bad consequences so it is better to ignore and avoid them.

Of course, that’s true bad things can have bad consequences but the opposite can also happen. You know the old saying “it’s not what you do but how you do it”, well that applies here.

So forget the fear, make sure you confess to your prospects to improve your conversions.

What do I mean? Read on…

Admit Your Faults

The basic idea of this is to admit problems or flaws in your product or service; this showing of honesty and trust on your part makes your prospect in turn trust you more – being perfect breeds doubt.

I’ve talked about this before including in my copywriting course but what I’ve found is I didn’t emphasize certain aspects enough or, at least, properly.

Some people use this technique to hide big faults, I believe this is ultimately as path to failure but showing your faults in the correct light can really make a big difference.

Show the Positive, Ignore the Negative

Much (most?) of the sales copy out on the Internet shows only positive features of a product or service and this does work.

Several main problems with it are: the prospect starts wondering what the flaws are and imagined flaws are usually worse than actual flaws; the prospects expectations are built up and then when they see the flaws they are disappointed even if all the things important to them are good; and the prospects doesn’t build trust because of the innate skepticism of the prospect.

All this hurts conversions and increasing refund requests.

Show the Positive and the Negative

Probably the second most common technique is to show the positive features and throw in some negative ones that aren’t related to the positive features.

This also works and overcomes much of the problems with just showing positive but it also has a primary problem, it shows the negative.

You’re probably saying “what, you just said it was good to show the negative!”

Yes, it is good and confessing those flaws does improve conversions over just showing the positive but it is still shows negative and doesn’t maximize conversions.

What if you could get the advantages of the “confession” while maximizing conversions?

You can!

Show the Negative and the Silver Lining

What you need to do is point out a negative and then turn it into a positive by showing the silver lining.

The classic example I’ve seen is for a small restaurant.

Instead of not mentioning it and instead of throwing in that the restaurant is small but there is plenty of free parking say “we are a small restaurant with little space but that is what makes the atmosphere so cozy and the service so great”.

See how it changed the confession of the flaw into something that is highly desirable by the people they are trying to attract.

You can use this in many ways, here are a couple of examples:

  1. Our $97 book is short, just 15 pages, and we could have puffed it up and turned it into a $997 course but we wanted to cut all the fat from it and make it something you could read quickly and start benefiting from it an hour after you received it.
  2. Listen, our price is 25% more than our competitors but that is more than made up for because it lasts twice as long (compare our guarantee, you’ll see it is twice as long) and saves you money on energy and maintenance costs.
  3. We’re not the biggest car rental company, we’re only #2, but that is why we try harder to have better cars and better service at better prices.

To properly use this just point out a flaw and immediate show why it is really a positive (the silver lining); this will optimize your conversions.


As you’ve seen confession can also be good for the wallet by building trust and showing why things that seem like flaws are really not so bad, in fact, they are good things.

Don’t be afraid to show your flaws and warts as that can backfire on you but tie each negative to a positive and watch your conversions soar.

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What are some negatives you have that you can show the silver lining?

What are some negatives you have that you can see a silver lining?

Let me know by leaving a comment and, if you don’t see the silver lining I’ll try to help.

Talk soon,

David Husnian

The Shameless (Ethical) Marketer

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