Copy Cosmetics, the Fun Way to Big Profits

Copy Cosmetic Arrows

Copy Cosmetic Arrows

In the previous parts of this series on copy cosmetics we looked at the what, why and how of copy cosmetics and at some great fonts to use for your copy cosmetics.

In this part, we’ll continue looking at copy cosmetics my digging deeper into specific types of cosmetics with some examples and there may even some be some samples for you to download 🙂

First a quick review…

Since copy cosmetics are, to quote myself, “graphical elements that are used to transform plain ad copy into powerful marketing material that engage prospects; basically they are anything that isn’t plain text.” they cover a lot of ground.

Most people use basic things like pictures and bold and underlined text but there is great power in all the other types of cosmetics also: hand drawn words and symbols, highlighting, etc.

Some of the best reasons to use copy cosmetics are:

  • To make your pages and marketing material easier and more pleasant to read; to grab the reader’s attention
  • To add personality
  • To highlight important points particularly to skim readers who use a different reading path
  • To improve the responsiveness of your readers.

Some people ask where they should use copy cosmetics and my answer is where shouldn’t you use copy cosmetics. At this moment, I really can’t think of a place where you couldn’t use copy cosmetics although there are situations where they are more or are less important.

Let’s now look at some depth in particular copy cosmetics…

Basic Copy Cosmetics

As I mentioned, there are some cosmetics that many people already use without knowing they were cosmetics at all.

I’m talking about things like:

  • Bolded text
  • Underlined text
  • Italicized text
  • Photographs

These are, in fact, cosmetic enhancements and do make a slight improvement in in readability and response rate so you should continue to use them but they are just the most basic copy cosmetics.

So let’s look at some others that are more dynamic, exciting and powerful.


Scribbles are what I call words and phrases that look hand written, as opposed to things that look typed. Here’s a simple example:

In Selenes Handwriting Font

Example of a “Hard Written” Font

Scribbles are great when you want to grab the attention of your readers and boost your response rate. They do that by interrupting the normal thought and reading patterns of the reader and sort of shock them out of the mental stupor people get into when reading block of text.

Here’s a sample screen of with 3 different scribbles in use:

Example of Scribbles

Example of Scribbles

First, you can see the slanted “Fellow Warriors!” at the time looking like someone sort of scrawled across the page.

Next, there is the big, bold “BORING!” which definitely catches your eye!

Finally, there is the printed “TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.”

Imagine this same snippet of a page with the same text in the same black font, it would be a lot more boring and and more likely to drive people away.

Hand Drawn Arrows, Boxes, Circles and Underlines

These are, as the subheading right above this says, arrows, circles and underlines that look like they were hand drawn.

These are great ways of catching the attention of your reader and directing their attention to key points in your marketing message.

Let’s look at an example…

Arrows, Boxes, Circles, and Underlines Example

Arrows, Boxes, Circles, and Underlines Example

First, you see some red arrows used as bullet points, this is a great way to get your important bullet points noticed.

Then, you see that “LOT more effective” is underlined — I bet it was impossible for you to not to notice and read it 🙂

You’ll notice another scribble then the “$500 A MONTH” is circled, again drawing attention to it.

That’s reinforced with the arrow pointing to it and the scribbles.

You know you noticed each of them so you’re seeing first hand how powerful they can be when used properly.


Another way to draw attention is by highlighting as if with a “digital highlighter”.

This works just like it does with books or papers to focus attention on specific areas.

I think you understand this so let me just show you a quick example…

Highlighting Example

Highlighting Example

As I said, I think you understand the concept of highlighting; it does do what the other copy cosmetics do, focus attention on the message and add personality.

Hard Drawn Accents

These are a variety of different characters, symbols, drawings and other oddities.

The easiest way to show you what I mean is to give you a bunch of samples…

Accent Examples

Accent Examples

These are handy in so many places, here’s a example of one simple use of an accent…

Accent Examples

Accent Examples

Using Copy Cosmetics

Using copy cosmetics in your Web properties, documents, e-mail, and products is as easy as just putting them on a Web page or inserting them into a document; it only takes moments.

They’re tremendously effective both online and offline, you can even put them on your business card and PowerPoint presentations to make them more fun, and give them a more personalized feeling both of which will boost your response rate.

They can add pop and sizzle to your sales letters, postcards, faxes, digital products, store signs, product packaging, really anything you can think of.

Just look at this before and after picture!

Get Your Own Massive Collection of Copy Cosmetic)s

As you’ve seen from this series. adding copy cosmetics is a quick and easy way to get more readers, have them reader longer and improve your response rate.

You can now get over 90,000 newly created copy to use with your projects (personal and commercial) as well as client projects and even products you sell.

And you get all that for less than the cost of a pizza!

Just head over to and pick up your copy of Copy Cosmetics 2012 today!

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